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The Roaming Renegades
Nic Hilditch-Short and Paul Short, ein Ehepaar aus dem englischen Manchester, erzählen über ihre Reisen als „The Roaming Renegades“. Sie sind Reisende, Abenteurer und Entdecker zugleich und nennen ihre Weltreise selbst „eine Flucht aus dem Alltag des 9-5“. Ihre frühzeitige Erkenntnis: Mit einer „normalen“ Existenz – von Arbeit und Geld gesteuert – würden sie niemals zufrieden und glücklich werden. „Die meiste Zeit des Lebens damit zu verbringen, etwas zu tun, was man eigentlich hasst, nur um später einen Ruhestand am Strand zu genießen? Wir haben beschlossen, etwas dagegen zu tun und wollen andere inspirieren, ebenfalls zu erkennen: Das kann ich auch!“
Nic und Paul glauben, dass „Netz und doppelter Boden“ fürs ganze Leben ein Mythos sind: „Was ist die größere Gefahr? Sich für ein Leben der Unzufriedenheit und des Bedauerns zu entscheiden – oder auszusteigen und die Chance zu ergreifen, den Lebensstil, von dem man bisher immer nur träumte, Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen?“
Ihr Blog erzählt von ihren Erfahrungen unterwegs – von Abenteuern und einem eher ungewöhnlichen Leben. Derzeit haben beide bis zur nächsten Weltreise einen Zwischenstopp in Großbritannien eingelegt: Paul hat seinen MA in Design and Art direction gemacht und Nic wird ihr Studium im Sommer 2015 beenden (BTEC in applied sciences).
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1. Backpack or suitcase?
Well that depends on the type of trip, sometimes it’s easier to take day backs and a little suitcase for a short trip. But we never go anywhere without a backpack whether that be a small one or a bigger one instead of a suitcase!
2. That definitely needs to be at my destination:
Culture and adventure! In most places it is possible to explore and find some hidden gem but we love exploring the winding side streets of old towns and cities, beach trips don’t do it for us!
3. From this place I was unexpectedly surprised:
Lviv in Ukraine. We headed over whilst in Krakow on Poland because our curiosity got the better of us and we wanted to see what the country was really like past the media portrayal. We came across the most beautiful and characterful city, totally authentic and a great adventure.
4. My next journey will take me to:
We have just returned back from Slovakia and Austria and now just a few days later we are heading over to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We are most looking forward to seeing the Giant ’s Causeway and also the murals of Belfast. We will be setting off rtw this time next year.
5. Where I really do not have to travel again:
We visited the Greek Island of Kos as few years back for a family wedding and although we made the most of our time here and did everything possible on this island, including heading to Bodrum in Turkey, it was just too touristy for our liking. Too many drunk English people and package holidays, we won’t be going there again but would love to see more of Greece.
6. The agony of choice: Tuscany or Patagonia?
For us it has to be Patagonia as climbers and mountaineers. It’s in our plans for our RTW and we really cannot wait to see the sheer power and beauty of nature.
7. The travel destination in future:
Everywhere!! Well almost, we are planning and saving for our RTW/ long term backpacking which will start in March 2016 and hope to travel for as long as we can. Our plans start with going from our home in Manchester all the way through Europe, Russia, Asia and down to Australia without getting on a plane! After that it’s New Zealand and South America!
8. Sail or cruise ship?
I think in our minds we would say sailing as we prefer the adventure, but as we are in fact not very good when it comes to the water we would probably be better on the cruise! Hopefully we will learn to sail on our travels!
9. I never will eat it again:
Well, since October 2013 we have been vegetarians so I guess that would be meat! But before then we had some pretty interesting and strange experiences with tentacles in Japan which probably influenced our decision to go veggie!
10. Where everybody should have been once in a lifetime:
That’s a hard one as there are so many places we love. But I guess for us it would have to be Tokyo! It was such a removal from our own culture and such a great place to experience that it really changes your perceptions and stays with you. It also opens you up travel wise and the reality is that you will get lost in Tokyo, and once you embrace that then you can embrace all the discoveries that can bring.
Finally, my favorite travel quote:
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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