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Mapping Megan = Megan & Mike Jerrard

Mapping Megan = Megan & Mike Jerrard

Mapping Megan – das sind Megan & Mike Jerrard. Die Wege der Australierin und des US-Amerikaners kreuzten sich 2007 in Afrika, gemeinsam hoben sie ihr Reiseblog (Schwerpunkt Abenteuer) aus der Taufe, das Ja-Wort gaben sie sich auf Hawaii.
Das vielreisende Ehepaar gehört zur Oberliga der Reiseblogger (Australien/Neuseeland).
Die beiden Adrenalin-Junkies haben eine klare Aufgabenteilung: Die Journalistin Megan (Bachelor sowohl in Journalismus als auch in Jura) schreibt, der Fotograf Mike sorgt für schöne Bilder und Videos. Ob mit dem Mountainbike auf der „Todesstraße“ in Bolivien, Fallschirmspringen über den Schweizer Alpen, Bungee-Jumping in Costa Rica oder die Besteigung des Kilimandscharo – kein Berg ist ihnen zu hoch und keine Aktivität zu extrem!
Die Philosophie der beiden: Reisen stärkt den Charakter. Erfahrungen unterwegs helfen dabei, das wahre Ich zu entdecken.
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1. Backpack or suitcase?
Why choose when you can settle for both and get a suitcase with back straps, or a backpack on wheels! This way you get the best of both worlds and can pull out the wheels when appropriate, and throw it onto your back if they’re (wheels) just not cutting it.
2. That definitely needs to be at my destination:
A wifi connection! As a professional travel blogger, I make my living online. As such I really do rely on wifi being available in most of the places I go.
3. From this place I was unexpectedly surprised:
Easter Island – this was one destination which we weren’t sure what to expect, as we’ve found in the past that not a lot of destinations live up to their hype. Though Easter Island was truly magical, and lived up to all of our expectations and more. There was hardly any tourism either which we absolutely loved – really did feel like we were on one of the world’s most remote island destinations!
4. My next journey will take me to:
We are driving the length of North America’s West Coast, cutting across to California from Phoenix and driving until we hit Alaska. Looking forward to discovering California, Oregon, Washington and Canada along the way.
5. Where I really do not have to travel again:
Paris – I was fairly disappointed with Paris actually. It didn’t live up to the hype of „most romantic city in the world“, and as I had listened to people RAVE about the city, I traveled with expectations which were way too high.
6. The agony of choice: Tuscany or Patagonia?
Patagonia – I’ve already been to Tuscany!
7. The travel destination in future:
Antarctica is at the very top of our bucket list – we are hoping to book onto a cruise which will include the Falkland Islands as well.
8. Sail or cruise ship?
There are many amazing reasons to take a cruise, though I would love to set sail and embark on an expedition by boat. They have tall ships which travel from New Zealand to Easter Island over a period of roughly 2 months – I would love to book myself onto one of those journeys!
9. I never will eat it again:
Raw horse. Sushi train in Tokyo Japan. Didn’t know what I was eating at the time. I’ll never eat it again.
10. Where everybody should have been once in a lifetime:
Iceland – such a magical destination with such spectacular nature, largely untouched by tourism and the rest of the world.
Finally, my favorite travel quote:
„Just Go“.

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