German cuisine: Thüringer Klöße

Thüringer Klöße (Thuringian dumplings), Grüne Klöße (green dumplings), Hütes, Knölla (can´t be translated) are hand-formed dumplings from 2/3 raw and grated and 1/3 overcooked potatoes. In some areas, Thuringian dumplings are traditionally served on Sunday combined with meat and various cooked cabbage varieties, especially red cabbage or sauerkraut.
Thuringian dumplings are served with meaty dishes and a lot of sauce, as they are typical of the Thuringian cuisine: dark game dishes, sauerbraten, goulash, rolls, heavy poultry. Typical spices: black pepper, marjoram, bay leaf, cumin, parsley. Thuringian dumplings usually do not fit well with fish, shellfish, light sauces, cheese or raw food.
There are between individual villages, regions and families differences in the preparation, each defended as „original recipe“. The difference is the relationship between raw and cooked potatoes.
Near Thüringian capital Erfurt is locacted a Kloß-Museum in Heichelheim. (only German language)
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Dumplings with Lamb
Last Sunday I cooked Thüringer Klöße with lamb.

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