Penang: A paradise for low-cost gourmets

low cost Penang
In Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia) hawker food is as delicious as the finest gourmet experience in any city! Not only many Malaysians but also travellers hold Penang as the top food destination.
The food in the town is legendary – there is simply no place else in the world where such a mix of cultures have contributed their culinary influences to one cause. It’s not because of some stylish and expensive restaurants but rather for their humble road-side eateries and stalls. The best (and cheapest) food in Georgetown you can get at the numerous stalls dotted along the streets. Dinnertime is between 6 and 9 o’clock in the evening. If you arrive later, than it could be, that you’re favorite dish is sold out.
Don’t worry, if you see porc and other meat like that: The food is safe! All the restaurants, hawkers and foodstalls are under control of the Department of Health.
The most popular places to get a cheap and delicious meal:
Gurney Drive: The coastal esplanade along Persiaran Gurney just north of the town center is the most famous scene for street food. Gurney drive is too far to walk from the city center – take a taxi. The food on Gurney Drive starts around 6 p.m.
Chinatown: The streets of Chinatown come alive at night with carts selling noodles, dumplings, and treats on skewers. In Lebuh Kimberly and adjoining streets the food is so authentic that English is rarely spoken!
Lebuh Chulia’s tourist strip is an easy place to find stuffed dumplings, satay and noodle & rice dishes too. The Dim Sum which is served in some little restaurants near Lebuh Kimberly is legendary!
A very good hawker center you can also find on Penang Road – near the Komtar.
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